Marketing the Customer Experience

dec_2016_mm_1Marketers should make it a point to come up with a new tactic every year and one that should be considered for 2017 is marketing the customer experience.

Where it All Begins

The customer experience needs to be the culture of the company, starting with that first customer inquiry. The experience should not be about saving the customer a few bucks for a lower speed package if that means their internet will be slow when more devices hit their home network. The installation should be professional, consistent and educational for the customer. Any support issues after the sale should be dealt with as quickly as possible by empowering the first person they talk to with the tools to solve the issue.

Promote the Experience

If your company culture is all about the customer experience it will be easy to find people to share their “feel good” stories about why they love having you as a service provider. These stories need to be delivered across all of your media platforms- digital, print and social. There are many studies out there that confirm positive peer experiences can close opportunities better than any other marketing strategies.

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