Loyalty Ideas

Your Customers are Loyal

According to the Rural Video and Broadband Research Study customers on average have been with you for around 13 years. This is great news for you as a service provider, but this begs the question, why should there be any interest in solidifying brand loyalty? As technology changes, there are going to be more competitors in your space and by shoring up the walls of loyalty it makes it more difficult for your customers to abandon a trusted provider.  Additionally, your loyal, happy customers are going to tell their new neighbor that moves in next door how great you are. 

I have always thought loyalty programs come with too many strings, and steps, but how about giving all of your customers a branded no-strings laminated customer ID  wallet card, shaped and sized like a drivers license. You can then use this to trigger different types of perks just for being your customer. 

  • Rewards programs with local businesses using ID card
  • VIP access to popular events using ID card
  • Special seasonal discounts 

Anything you can do to keep customers thinking about you in a good way increases the chance of them being a customer for life. 

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