LinkedIn Marketing Tips

With more than 500 million users, it is likely that you are in the LinkedIn social network, and that is why your company needs to fully leverage this powerful business networking platform. Here are some tips to engage business leaders and owners who are using LinkedIn:

  1. Full Completion of your company profile
  2. Post Relevant Content Monthly if not Weekly
  3. Encourage Content Engagement
  4. Recruit Employees to join LinkedIn

On the subject of content, local non-commercial content that educates will be more effective. You can still tag it with something you offer to solve a business problem. Here is an example: “Twenty billion robocalls were placed last month according to XXXXX, many of these are targeting your business. We do have a local solution that can stop telemarketers while allowing your customers to reach you, check it out.

You are invited to direct any questions related to the marketing of Innovative Systems products to Scott Meyer or Melissa Waddell at 605-995-6120