Leveraging Your Digital Assets Part 1


A recent survey revealed that more than 75% of the B2B companies in America are offering newsletter sign-up promotions on their websites. Other businesses are incenting their digital newsletter subscribers to interact with their websites to find out about special deals on products and services. This mesh of digital media is going to be a powerful customer engagement tool in the coming years.

Where Do I Start?

Most companies in our space are already posting digital newsletters on their websites and some are still sending out paper copies of them, but what about your customer email list?  The first step is creating a newsletter sign-up campaign. This campaign needs to start with new customers and continue with your existing ones. Traditional methods like social media, bill stuffers, and ads on your video channels are great ways to take advantage of this. Content is also key.  Here’s a story that will give you some ideas on where to start.

Next month we will cover ways to move your newsletter subscribers to buyers…don’t miss it!

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