Leveraging Your Digital Assets 2


Last month we talked about leveraging your newsletters to drive people to your website. This month a couple of ideas on how to turn that traffic into buyers.

Use Forms for New Service/Promotional Offers

Consumers want to engage with your offers if you make it easy for them to do so, a simple offer form is the best way to do it. Make your form with as few fields as possible so visitors can easily submit their details. The other benefit to this is qualified leads for your CSRs to call. We have found most CSRs dislike cold calling, but someone who has expressed interest will be much easier to talk to.

Exclusive Giveways

Drive people from your newletters to your website with exclusive giveaway offers that they cannot get any other way. Something like one free month of a higher speed internet package where at the end of the trial they can go back to the slower speed or upgrade. This is going to be a guaranteed revenue generator!


The new wave of digital marketing gives service providers  more chances to reach customers at a much lower cost. The biggest key is gold mining for data that includes ways to contact them on a personal level  like an email address or on social media. The second biggest key is using your website more effectively to entertain, educate and engage your customers.