Large Rural Video Provider Goes with Innovative MG-TV


Consolidated Telecom in Dickinson North Dakota  is on schedule to convert their video customers to the MG-TV video solution from Innovative Systems. CEO Paul Schuetzler says this project has been one of the smoothest conversions of this size that he has seen, and credits a cooperative effort between his team and the support staff at Innovative. Because they were already ahead of schedule, the situation with the current pandemic has not affected their conversion timeline.

Having Linear and Streaming with One Vendor is a Differentiator

With ten thousand video subscribers on the line, Schuetzler said there was no way they were going to shoehorn all of their video customers into a streaming product. Innovative Systems MG-TV is a good fit for the Consolidated roadmap because they can have complete control over management and support of both networks. Schuetzler says that his customers are starting to get a handle on streaming, and by having a company that can deliver streaming and linear from one platform is very logical.

According to Schuetzler, any video provider with competition runs a large risk by getting out of video, adding that competitors who do offer both could end up taking your broadband business.