IPTV eJournal – May 2020

Latest IPTV Industry Analysis

10k Customer Provider from North Dakota Installing Innovative Systems Video

Learn more about what larger rural video providers must do to compete and why Innovative Systems is a differentiator

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Rural Video Viewing Impacted by Virus Pandemic

No one is surprised about the increase in video consumption these days, but the extent of the impact can be seen in rural America with this Channel Stats snapshot.

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Network DVR Service Subscription on the Rise

The Fifth Annual Rural Video and Broadband Report saw the largest five-year increase in rural consumers who use network DVR from their service providers.

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IS Video Forgotten Features – Bing Mode Playback

This feature allows customers to quickly and easily binge watch their favorite recorded series programs.

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Featured Service


Innovative Systems video providers have a unique opportunity to integrate their video encryption onto the InnoStream platform.  The InnoCryption solution supports MG-TV traditional video and the live streaming service.

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