IPTV eJournal – March 2020

Latest IPTV Industry Analysis

New Rural Video and Broadband Report Coming off the Press

The much anticipated fifth annual video broadband report from rural America is now in, and we have some highlights for you to take a look at.

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Finding Video Profits Elusive Interview

In this segment of our December 2019 webcast, hear from Jason Miller at DTC in New York to learn what he is doing to stay profitable in video.

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Winter Quarter Channel Stats Report is now Available

What have they been watching this winter? How did local channels perform? Did impeachment hearings effect the news channel?

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MG-TV Feature Locker

The List Button

Periodically, we are going to start reviewing cool features offered in your MG-TV middleware that you may have forgotten about or were unaware of.  This month, we will take a look at the List Button.

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