IPTV eJournal – March 2019

Latest IPTV Industry Analysis

Linear Wins Over Live Streaming in Rural America…for Now

The 4th Annual Rural Video and Broadband Study is now in the barn revealing many interesting trends including their preference for linear video.

Learn more and find out how you can get the full report.

Texas Provider Upgrades Video Service

With no answer to high content costs or how people are going to consume video in the future, this rural provider is investing in linear video to improve the experience for their customers today.

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Innovative Systems Enhanced Guide Data is Now Available

Providers looking for more integration of their video services will be pleased to know that Enhanced Guide has been added to the suite of services available with InnoStream MG-TV.

Read what one video provider has to say about the new service.

Webcast of the Year Coming next Month

Our most popular webcast, the Annual Rural Video and Broadband Report is coming in April, and is limited to just 300 seats. Follow this link to find out more and save yourself a spot for this free event.

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InnoStream MG-TV Platform

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