IPTV eJournal – January 2020

Latest IPTV Industry Analysis

Providers Vow to No Longer Subsidize Video

In this revealing webinar, three different video providers share their views on profitability in the video space, and what they are doing to move forward in that direction.

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NC Telecom Embraces the MG-TV Concept

Learn how one video provider is taking advantage of the Innovative support tools to save money, and how MG-TV is future-proofing their video solution.

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On-Site Training Makes for Smooth Video Deployments

When a company comes on board with the Innovative Systems’ video solution, an on-site training course is included. Hear comments from attendees of a recent training session.

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2020 MG-TV Training Class Date is Announced

The April 2020 MG-TV 3-day class in Mitchell still has openings. If you want to register or see the syllabus,

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Featured Service


With tens of thousands of cDVR deployments, companies are drastically reducing support and equipment costs.  If you haven’t added this to your MG-TV solution, now might be the time to revisit this game-changer.

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