IPTV eJournal – December 2018

Latest IPTV Industry Analysis

Pro Active Support = Happy Customers

If you want to achieve a goal of happier video customers in 2019, look at your video middleware and learn how to fix problems before a customer reports them.

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Top Story for 2018

A quick look at our web analytics found out what story interested our readers the most in 2018.

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The Most Popular Fall TV Channel Report is Now Available

Our latest data on rural video viewing shows some interesting trends that may help you with your 2019 content plans.

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Innovative Systems Advanced Video Training Dates Announced for 2019

If you are looking for a deep dive into the IS Middleware and InnoStream, this three day class is for you.  With only 24 openings in 2019, classes will fill quickly.

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Featured Service


Another mission critical video service on the InnoStream platform that reduces equipment and support costs.

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