Iowa Video Provider Says Rural Market Not Ready for Cord Cutting

Western Iowa Telecom is currently in the process of moving customers off their RF cable system and have chosen the Innovative Systems IPTV Middleware Solution  for the delivery of the customer experience. According to WiaTel’s General Manager Heath Mallory, their customers are not opting for an exclusive OTT video experience in their homes.

Mallory says that his customers are taking advantage of OTT offerings, but they are doing so while maintaining their traditional video service. When comparing  RF to IPTV head to head, the decision to go with IPTV was based on lower operational costs. Mallory says Innovative Systems video is the best solution on the market when you consider provisioning, subscriber management, and service upgrades.

The Innovative Difference Over Cable

Some of the major upgrades WiaTel’s customers have commented on include whole home DVR, the Weather App and  Restart TV, features that were unavailable with their cable system. WiaTel is also joining a growing group of video providers who are not offering premise based DVRs, opting instead for hosted Cloud DVR on the InnoStream Video platform.

Growth From Rural Fiber Expansion

Mallory says offering IPTV has enabled them to get fresh new subscribers in the rural areas who were either using an antenna or DBS service. This correlates with the continued gain in market share by rural providers over satellite broadcasters as documented in the three  year rural video and broadband research study conducted by Cronin Communications.

Mallory acknowledges that content costs are not going to go down, but by investing in companies like Innovative helps to reduce operational costs and by using tools like channel stats reporting they can make decisions on eliminating channels that no one is watching and reducing some of those content expenses.