International Airport Deploys APMAX Firebar


As a long time provider of the Innovative Systems’ Firebar, SRT Communications has found a new application for this reliable notification service that has been used by emergency service organizations for many years.  North Dakota’s largest Telephone Cooperative has recently added an APMAX Firebar system at Minot International Airport.

According to SRT Network Engineer Bob Meagher, the airport management approached them for a new solution to replace an inefficient  phone system that was responsible for making an emergency crash group call to three emergency service entities.

Meagher said they programmed a LAN as a dial tone line and then installed a red phone hotline  on the aircraft controllers’ tower control panel. Now when an emergency situation occurs the controller just picks up the red phone and Firebar contacts the 911 center, the  fire department, and the airport’s onsite runway maintenance personnel at the same time so they can all hear the same emergency information.

Meagher says even though they have yet to have an emergency the airport tests their new Firebar once a week and are very pleased with how fast it is to reach their emergency group. Meagher encourages service providers to reach out to their respective airports to offer Firebar as an option for this application.