Innovative Video Customers Saving Millions by Using cDVR Service

Factoring in support, licensing, and drive storage costs, Innovative Systems’ video operators on average are saving 77 % per unit in capital expenditures over the expense of having traditional DVR Set Top Boxes in their networks. According to Scott Sobolewski VP of Sales at Innovative Systems, when you add up the number of cDVR licenses our customers have purchased and compare that to what they would have spent for the equivalent number of in-home DVRs it is a twenty million dollar plus savings. Sobolewski adds, with video being a high-revenue, low-margin business, this technology is very important.

No Service Call or Excessive Inventories

The additional benefits for operators calculate into even more savings with no truck roll for installation, which can average $150 or more. Network data and DVR troubleshooting can now be done from the operations center which has also lowered costs. According to Brian Paulson at Dakota Central in North Dakota, Network DVR gives them more visibility into a customer’s storage library making it easier to maintain, providing quicker service and allowing faster resolution for their customers.

cDVR Favors Power Outages and DSL Scenarios

According to Steve Olson, Service and Operations Manager at Garden Valley Technologies in Minnesota, with an in-home DVR, when the electricity goes out while a customer is recording a program, the result will be an incomplete show recording that they try to watch later. Having network storage in the system operators location, with back-up power generation, eliminates lost recordings for customers.

Olson also confirms the advantage of cDVR for DSL IPTV customers  who have record limitations because of bandwidth restrictions.  Since all of the recording processes are happening back at the central office, these customers can now record additional programs without affecting their video service, which opens up more upsell opportunities.