Innovative Systems IPTV Middleware Launches Integrated Cloud DVR

Cloud DVR

MITCHELL, SD- Innovative Systems has now launched Cloud DVR (cDVR) for its IPTV Middleware solution with the new feature operational at several beta sites. Innovative Systems  employees and developers are also using cDVR in their homes. This solution works in conjunction with the APMAX IPTV Middleware using the InnoStream Server Platform. According to Voice and Video Services VP Jerry Weber, “What differentiates our cDVR from other middleware vendors is total integration of the solution.” Weber adds, “This feature does not require a third party vendor as all hardware, software and support is provided by Innovative Systems.”

cDVR gives service providers the opportunity to reduce the home installation costs by removing the home DVR Set Top Box (STB) requirements all together. cDVR is also beneficial as it allows each STB  to have Pause LiveTV options. The network based storage provided by cDVR can open up DVR options for xDSL networks. For example, a bandwidth-limited DSL customer may now record more shows in the provider cloud than they typically could with a home-based DVR.

The InnoStream hardware platform also has the versatility to provide APMAX IPTV Middleware providers with Restart TV, VOD, C3 VOD and HLS StreamingTV – all with single vendor support from Innovative Systems.