Indiana Video Operator Combines Streaming and Linear Video

For New Lisbon Broadband and Communications in Indiana, it was never a question of not being in the video business, but what would be the best way to meet the needs of their video customers now, and for years to come. NLBC decided to go with the MG-TV solution from Innovative Systems because they have successfully developed a single platform technology that blends IPTV with live streaming.

According to NLBC CEO John Greene, people are still buying televisions at a record pace, and not to check email or to surf the internet. Greene believes consumers have not lost their interest in video, but they do want the best experience possible, whether it’s from traditional IPTV or over-the-top streaming. Greene says that rural video providers are at a crossroads now because a segment of customers want to cut the cord, but a larger segment of older customers just want to push a button on their remote and watch TV. Greene who has been using the HLS streaming component of MG-TV, says that the experience rivals YouTube TV, and in some cases is better. One advantage of live streaming from a local provider is live customer service according to Greene, saying that the live national streamers do not offer that personal experience that rural consumers are accustom to.

Single-Source Support Tools for HLS and IPTV are a Must

Greene says that a huge advantage of having the Innovative product is that technicians can support both delivery methods from the same subscriber management system on the InnoStream platform. With the emphasis on minimizing service calls, Greene says anything that can be done with a mouse click instead of a truck roll reduces costs, and protects the health of our technicians and our customers.