Improve Your Video Viewing Completion Rates

We all know that videos are the new way to market and engage our customers, but getting them through the whole video is by no means a lock. This month’s Marketing Minute offers some tips on improving video completion rates.

Remember the Donkey and the Carrot

Numerous studies have reported  increased video completion rates by incenting, at the beginning of your video, a promotional offer that will be revealed at the end of the video. This strategy could be applied to multiple mediums: radio, TV, your website and social media.

Campaign Example

Let’s apply this to a popular promotion these days – the speed bump. If your goal is to have a customer initiated action to get an internet speed upgrade, why not create an ad touting your great internet and at the beginning indicate a free offer is coming at the end of this commercial so don’t tune out. A very easy way to increase video completion rates.

What About Longer Videos

We have found through our analytics of hundreds of videos longer than 60 seconds, that anything over two minutes shows a 30% reduction of completion and anything past three minutes drops 70% . The lesson learned on longer marketing related videos is to keep them under two minutes, which still gives you plenty of time to inject that carrot into the beginning of the video.

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