Hyperlinks Can Be Your Traffic Light to New Revenue!


If your goal is to try and keep people engaged with your website as long as possible you are to be commended! This Marketing Minute will discuss one simple way to increase time spent on your website and how you can validate that effort.


Most people think of hyperlinks as a way move you up in web searches, but using hyperlinks to other locations on you site can be even more valuable. If you think about it, moving up in web search ranking is good if people are looking for a website, but what about the people that are already on your site?

Web links are the arteries of the web and also for your website. By using internal hyperlinks in your web text advertisement copy, newsletters and tutorials people will have an easy way to find other things that you want them to find.  For example, if you have a news story about rolling out Gig internet why not hyperlink key words in that story to your Gig internet offering?   You might say you already have a way for them to get there by clicking on a banner or service drop down, but many people don’t like to click on “ads”.

Does it Work?

On our website we frequently share stories about how service providers are benefiting from use of our products and services. We recently ran this video story which included a hyperlink at the bottom of the video player and that one hyper link generated 54 views and over an hour of extra time on our website over a two week period! I will check and see how many of you clicked on that link just for fun:)

We all know that the longer people stay on your website the better the chance you will have of a revenue opportunity from their visit.

You are invited to direct any questions related to marketing Innovative Systems products to Scott Meyer or Melissa Waddell at 605.995.6120.