Harvesting Call Recordings


Call recording is essential in improving sales and this month’s Marketing Minute will cover some key factors that you can glean from recordings of your agents that will increase revenue.

Refocus Your Sales Strategy

A review of recordings will allow you to  optimize sales strategies based on real-life scenarios. These recordings will help you better equip your reps by answering key questions:

  • What common questions are prospects asking?
  • Which objections are continuously being raised?
  • How are reps successfully overcoming obstacles?
Fine Tune Your Marketing Messages

By listening to call recordings, marketers can identify pain points and sales objections. Marketing can then create documents or scripts that can help reps overcome those objections.

Audit Audio Quality

Recording calls enables you to spot-check the audio quality of calls to make sure they are up to your company’s standards. Research has proven poor audio quality can effect how a customer perceives your products and services and might think unfavorably about you, especially as a company in the communications business.

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