FCC Sheds New Light on Robocall Mitigation

On March 10th, the FCC released a Report and Order and Notice of Proposed Rulemaking that mandates STIR/SHAKEN and also proposes additional measures to combat illegal spoofing.

In alignment with the TRACED Act recently passed by Congress, this order will require voice providers to implement the STIR/SHAKEN caller ID authentication framework in IP portions of their networks by June 30, 2021.

Relief Proposed for Small Providers

This proposal would grant an extension for STIR/SHAKEN implementation for small providers, but would require them to implement a robocall mitigation program.

This order would also require providers using non-IP (TDM) technology to upgrade their networks to be compatible with STIR/SHAKEN or deploy non-IP caller ID authentication technology and implement a robocall mitigation program in the interim. The proposed order would allow small providers to be exempt from the STIR/SHAKEN implementation mandate if the provider has achieved certain implementation benchmarks.

Who Qualifies as a Small Provider

Surprisingly, the Commission is using Census Data to dictate the small provider qualification.  The SBA has developed a small business size standard for Wired Telecommunications Carriers, which consists of all such companies having 1,500 or fewer employees. Census data for 2012 show that there were 3,117 firms that operated that year. Of this total, 3,083 operated with fewer than 1,000 employees. Thus, under this size standard, the majority of firms in this industry can be considered small.

It has been noted by knowledgeable sources that the Innovative TCM technology has features that are aligned with helping providers meet the extension/exemption provisions. Click here to access the notice online.

Let Your Voice be Heard

The Commission has listed a period to submit comments to this order that will last until May 15th. We would encourage anyone who currently has the APMAX TCM service to file comments regarding the effectiveness of TCM in protecting your customers from telemarketers and robocalls. Along with these comments a TCM report from the APMAX report viewer would support the effectiveness and could serve as proof of performance in achieving the implementation benchmarks requested by the FCC. The filing process for comments is pretty easy and can be accessed by following this link.

Please contact Scott Meyer at scottm@innovsys.com or 605-990-7202 if you would like some guidance on this.