Elevate Your Exposure With LinkedIn

Our marketing team was challenged to find a solid social platform to better interact with our business customers. After spending time working with Twitter and LinkedIn we are totally convinced that LinkedIn is the business social medium of choice. This month’s Marketing Minute will forego the basics of setting up business and personal accounts, and instead provide some quick tips on how to get more interaction with business contacts in your community using LinkedIn.

Search and Connect using the search toolbar at the top of your LinkedIn homepage, type in the name of the company or person that you want to do business with. If it is a business you will want to click on Follow, it is very important that you click on “See all employees on LinkedIn” so that you can Connect to the employees because people do business with people, having them in your network is far more important.

Post actionable content that includes links to products and offers on your website. To avoid turning off your new followers, post content that is relevant to them. Post on topics like regulatory issues, cyber security threats or any other content that serves to educate, then you can insert a hyperlink to a solution that your company may offer.

Free Stuff Works Just Fine

LinkedIn would have you believe their paid offerings like InMail  will give you an avalanche of new customers. We have not tried it, but the InMail solicitations we have received are more annoying than canned spam. By posting relevant, actionable content you will see a far greater number will view it and maybe even move on to your website.

It Works!

In less than a year, over 1900 network connections have been made.  An average post gets over 200 views, multiple likes  and some comments.

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