E-Mail Marketing Campaigns

As addressed in the January Marketing Minute, email is still one of the most inexpensive and effective marketing methods. This months’s Marketing Minute will reveal some proven methods to get more opens and more sales.

Make it Personal

Personalized subject lines have up to a 25% higher chance of getting opened by readers.  A personal subject line like, “Thanks for the last XX years!”, will let them know how long they have been with you and thus more inclined to open the email that could contain a special service upgrade offer.

Special Event Emails

Rather than getting lost in the traditional holiday clutter, fashion an email around an important historical  dateline or event. A subject line like, “TV was invented xx number of years ago today”, may generate an open to an offer for a video upgrade at a special price or discount.


Customers who you’ve had recent dealings with should receive a follow-up email with a subject line, “Did ABC Telco Treat You right?” This will give them a chance to open the email to express their satisfaction/dissatisfaction. You can also use the same email to extend to them  a special service offer.

Social media may get all the headlines, but email is still strong with the 34+ demographic age group and should be considered as an inexpensive way to get customers to take advantage of upsell opportunities.

You are invited to direct any questions related to marketing Innovative Systems products to Scott Meyer or Melissa Waddell at 605.995.6120.