Door to Door Campaign Tips


The big guys in residential all do it, most business sales are generated from it, so let’s revisit some tactics if you are looking at a “boots on the ground” door-to-door approach.

There are many factors to consider in door-to-door campaigns and we’ll forego the debate of using contractors or in-house staff and instead focus on a few key points that need to be ironed out before you hit the door bells.

With the exception of the very tech savvy consumer, touting fiber to the home as the delivery medium is not going to mean much unless you clearly define how this is going to make a difference in their video and internet experience. Here are some key bullet points that need to be considered for your door-to-door campaign:

  • Personnel – Neat, clean cut appearance with uniforms and photo id badges
  • Every person needs to have a consistent outline of talking points that will help your cause
  • Thorough knowledge of competing product packages (very important)
  • Reps must be good listeners
  • Meticulous note taking on the homeowners situation – Document DBS/Cable contracts and expiration dates
  • If your service is less expensive give them a free bill analysis
  • Under promise and over perform
  • Total honesty on quality and type of services you will deliver—Give all your reps a small magnifying glass and have them tell prospects they won’t need it to find out about the “extra expenses” that the satellite companies hit them with

You are invited to direct any questions related to marketing Innovative Systems products to Scott Meyer or Melissa Waddell at 605.995.6120.