Customer Education to Reduce Trouble Calls

At a recent conference one of the top company challenges that came up in discussion was that of customer education. How do we make customers “smarter ” about our products and services? One use case revealed was a service provider who had 7 different internet speed packages and how to help the customer understand that the cheapest is not always the best for them.

Cheat Sheet for the Reps

One piece of the education pie is information, create a list of what kinds of things you can do online to correlate with your speed packages. There are many resources over the internet that you can research to create a list. Your reps then need to become investigative reporters by asking customers how they use their internet.

  • Video Streaming?
  • Gaming?
  • Work/Home Schooling?
  • Basic Surfing
  • Primarily for Email
  • All of the Above
Education Reduces Trouble/Service Calls

If a customer who streams a lot of video wants the cheapest, slowest package the rep has to tell them firmly that they will have a bad customer experience. This information should be noted in their account so when they call back saying your internet is too slow, and they will, there will be a documented point of reference to their choice against the advice that was given to them.  Anything you can do for customer education like user guides, video tutorials, bill inserts, and help channels on your TV network can save you support call/truck roll time.

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