Podcasts Have Risen From the Ashes – Say What?

The podcast has been around for a long time and from its infancy has been a great way to get the attention of a listener. Podcasts lost favor and faded when YouTube came on the scene, but as of late they have started to make a strong comeback with a 20% engagement increase in the last 12 months. The one big challenge with video is that it makes multi tasking difficult, especially at work.  This audio only platform lets people Listen AND run, Listen AND work, Listen AND drive.

Length and Content

Another advantage of the podcast, unlike video, is longer podcasts are more acceptable because listeners can be doing other activities at the same time. The next consideration is podcast content as it relates to the telecommunications consumer.   Business and residential both present many good podcast opportunities.


  • Dealing with telemarketers and scammers
  • Advice for parents on Cyberbullies
  • Protecting and creating passwords
  • Protecting your home from porch pirates


  • Protection from email security breaches
  • What is hosted PBX
  • Controlling email spam

Podcasts have become much  easier to produce and distribute on your websites and social platforms. There is also a lot of content out there that you can get permission to redistribute that have relevant topics for your telecom customers.

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