Competing With “It Was Such a Good Deal”

We have all lost customers to what they thought at first was a great deal by another provider. In many cases the “deal” turned out to be not so good for the customer and this is magnified for your business voice customers, especially when dealing with the myriad of virtual phone companies. This months Marketing Minute will give you some good talking points when competing with the virtual phone companies.

Importance of the All-Inclusive Offer

One case came to our attention with Granite State Communications in New Hampshire when they were head to head with a national VOIP company for a city contract. On the surface the national company made their offering look cheaper than the local provider. The Granite State sales team skillfully pointed out to the prospect the missing pieces of the competitors offer, call termination and  SIP trunking, which then made the Granite State offer more attractive and ultimately earned them the contract. As simple as it sounds, business customers find high value in single source invoicing and every effort should be made to provide as many services as you can to your business customers – on one bill!

Know Your Competition

The virtual phone companies out there have two  huge disadvantages, no pipe and no local presence and these shortcomings must be a part of every conversation with your business voice customers and prospects.  Your residential voice customers will tolerate  service outages, but that is not the case for businesses and your local presence is critical in maintaining a high level of service that is another positive check in your column.

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