Channel Stats Show Big March-April Viewing Jumps

Most would agree that our current situation would impact TV viewing, but when it comes to rural viewing statistics there is not a lot of solid data available. Thanks to the Innovative Systems Multi-Generation TV platform, and the integrated channel stats reporting, we can provide insight into the viewing habits of home-bound rural Americans. In a random sampling of Innovative Systems video providers in different parts of the US, one can see how much consumers are relying on local TV for their essential information and entertainment.

CBS and NBC both tallied 60% viewership increases  from March – April. The numbers are based on the maximum number of Set Top Boxes tuned in during a one-hour period, in most cases the nightly news time slots.  Other gainers were the national news channels, Fox, and CNN, as well as leisure  channels like HGTV and the Outdoor Channel.

The Losers

Fox network was a big loser largely due to the fact that most rural Fox broadcasters do not have a local evening news program. One should also not be surprised to see ESPN shrinkage with very little viewer interest in corn hole tournaments and  backyard HORSE Basketball. As the sports lock down continues ESPN can expect more monthly drops. Next month the eJournal will cover the 2020 spring quarter channel stats report, which will provide more interesting data from over sixty-thousand Set Top Boxes all across the US.