Case Studies Engage Business Prospects

When you think of a case study your mind may perceive something along the lines of an electric toothbrush user guide, and why would anyone bother to read such a thing.  If done properly, case studies not only educate, but can also shorten the sales cycle for your business communications prospect. This month’s Marketing Minute offers   a few tips on how to do it.

A Basic Formula

If you start Googling Case Studies, you will quickly see some common denominators, the Challenge, the Solution, the Quote, and for good measure some sort of graphical imagery.  The Challenge is based on a real life problem that your business customer was dealing with. Some examples might be, outdated phone systems, poor phone quality, slow internet, overpriced service from a different vendor.  Look for challenges you have helped businesses overcome that may be common for a lot of businesses in order to maximize the effectiveness of the case study.

At a very high level describe how you provided the solution for the challenge – replaced an outdated phone system with a hosted solution that was totally managed by your company, improved phone quality with HD voice handsets, or replaced the legacy provider with less expensive higher quality service.

Cut Text and Then Cut  Some More

As marketers we are all guilty of getting too wordy and this can also be the same with case studies. In a couple short paragraphs, describe the business and address the challenge, keep the solution down to a couple of paragraphs as well.  Finish the piece up with a layout display of a quote and then  a graphical representation of the business or the solution provided.

In the footer always include your web and contact information. I am a firm believer in using a digital PDF format for case studies that you can email, because you can  include hyperlinks to web sites and product sheet downloads.

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