Can Toxic Co-Workers Impact Your Marketing?

Who you sit next to in your office can have an impact on your duties as a marketer, especially if they are critical, negative individuals, otherwise know as toxic co-workers.

There is nothing worse than expressing a new marketing idea that you have spent time and effort researching, only to have it immediately dismissed by your toxic co-worker who spent no time thinking it through!   The bigger problem is the long term effects on your creativity, as negative behavior is like a contagious disease.


Not all of our ideas for sales and marketing are going to be winners, but constant negativity about them from your co-worker requires that you take immediate action.   Relocation to another part of the building  is probably the  best, but if this person is in your department this may not be possible. Consider having a frank discussion with your toxic co-worker about their attitude and if that fails to yield  results it may be time to take things up the food chain. It is quite likely that the toxic co-worker is already known as such and an expression of concern about how they are affecting your performance with documented incidents may cause management to take action.

After unsuccessfully exercising all options you may need to decide if it is healthy for you to stay on with the company. Toxic co-workers are very dangerous to the health of a company and if it is being tolerated there may be no future for you in that type of environment.

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