Business Sales Psychology Shift


For years B2B sales has been focused  on trying  to understand a clients buying process. This rut is one of the reasons why businesses continue to struggle in connecting with buyers.


Goals have a big effect on what we do and how we think, this in turn can drive the actions we take in our personal and business lives. For example, we may choose to go to the gym instead of having lunch with our colleagues at the local greasy spoon. Our goal of leading a healthy lifestyle has just influenced our decision making process.  Would it not be safe to assume that goals are also going to play a significant part in decisions such as investments in new technology or services?

The Initial Call

Instead of finding out what a client will be putting in their budget next year for purchase of your products or services, talk about their short and long term goals for the success of their company. Take detailed notes and then spend some time researching appropriate solutions that will help them meet their goals the next time you visit them. This tactic might possibly move your company from the position of just another vendor to a trusted advisor.

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