Business Presentation Tips


As more focus is being put on selling hosted communication services to your business customers, the need for a polished presentation is very important. Here are a few things to consider for that smooth, “knock their socks off” presentation.

Establish your Area of Expertise

Use a short story relating to your ability to deliver hosted communications along with an actual customer experience.

Provide Takeaways From the Presentation

If your audience knows the purpose of your presentation it makes it easier at the end to get them to consider the action you want.

Use Multi-Media Liberally

Videos, especially customer use case stories, are quite powerful and can significantly speed up a prospects decision making process. One note of caution, keep videos under three minutes as your presentation attendees may disconnect if they are longer.

Engage Attendees with Rhetorical Questions

This can be an effective way to drive home the point. For example, if you are promoting the “local” advantage, ask them this, “When you sign up with a virtual phone company like “Ring Central”, what happens when you have a problem and they place the blame on the broadband provider while the broadband provider is placing the blame on Ring Central?”

Finish With a Strong Conclusion

This is the most important part of your presentation!  You need to tie together your takeaways along with thoughts that will motivate them to take action by choosing your solution.


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