Broadband Speed – Do They Need to Know?

In this years Rural Video and Broadband survey of over 400 North American homes, 72%  of the respondents could not cite the internet speed they are purchasing. This number was actually better than 2016, when 80% responded that they didn’t know.

If a service provider is confident that they can consistently deliver the customer’s purchased speed, it seems reasonable to think we need to do a better job of  making sure customers know their speed. There may some cases where your customers have limited bandwidth options and promoting their speed may be unwise, but as more fiber is deployed this is becoming less of an issue.

Billing System

Most billing systems have the capability to prominently display the specific internet speed for each customer. This could lead to an up-sell opportunity if one subscriber knows he is getting 10MB and is unhappy with performance, while his neighbor says he is getting 25MB and is satisfied with the higher speed. Many billing systems have bill messaging that can print an up-sell notice on their bill offering a speed higher than what they are currently paying for.

Speed Test Portal

Promoting on your website or in digital communications a direct link to where your customers can check their internet speed is a good way to educate them on their speed. This can also be beneficial if they are having issues not affected by their home WiFi network that you need to address. If the problem is within their network this would be an opportunity to offer them a managed network service.

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