Lifestyle Branding

For some of you, competition  in the broadband space is limited or non-existent, but many have stout competitors, and today we want to talk about promoting the relevance of your internet service. 

One concept is to tell stories about how consumers are using your internet to improve their quality of life. One example that came to our attention was the tribal community that is located in the bottom of the Grand Canyon that just got their first internet service.

What stood out in this story was not getting connected, but how they were using the connectivity to help kids with learning disabilities and how telemedicine can benefit a community that is only accessible by helicopter, on foot, or by mule.

These personal stories are there in every community, you just have to find them and then share those stories on all of your digital mediums. People are more inclined to remember your brand for a story about one of your customers using your internet to do amazing things than to say you have really fast service.

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