B2C Marketing – Email, Social or Both?

This month’s Marketing Minute  will compare the Email and Social mediums and the strong points of each one to help you game plan these two powerful marketing tools.

Email…The Dinosaur that won’t go away!

One would think social mediums have more users, but email has close to 4 billion compared to 2.5 billion who are utilizing FB, Pinterest, Twitter and the likes.

There is a catch with email, the lists need to be fine tuned to only reach interested and qualified prospects. Mine valid email address  data from your customers for the purpose of sending them emails that are heavy on educational, problem solving content and lite on commercial information. Additionally, email elements need  compelling copy, relevant calls to action, and mobile optimization.

“S” in Social is for Sharing

Social media is more about brand awareness and causing users to share in a way that has never been possible.  The big key, like with email marketing, is to deliver content that is more educational/informational in nature.  Communications companies can post blogs, updates, videos and other forms of content that users can then share with their friends, who share with their friends and so on.  New releases in Video on Demand libraries are good examples of content that service providers are posting on their social platforms.

The beautiful thing about email and social marketing is how inexpensive it is, but there is the expense of committing time to keep pushing out the content.  There’s nothing worse than going to  a website e-newsletter or to a Facebook page and see that the most recent activity is months, or years old.

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