APMAX Voice Connection – September 2020

FCC Adds More Clarity on TRACED Act

In what will likely be the final order for 2020, yesterday the FCC issued more guidance that will impact rural wireline compliance with stopping telemarketers and robocalls.

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Iowa Hosted Voice Provider Highlights Essential Provisioning Tool

Stating it would be nearly impossible to run a hosted voice business without the Innovative SIP ACS service, see how this company is using the service as the demand for hosted voice is on the rise.

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APMAX Tech Tip

The criminals are out in full force now that office networks are expanding into the more vulnerable home networks, and this Tech Tip will show you how to better safeguard those SIP phones.

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Marketing Minute

This month learn  how to frame a hosted voice offering specifically for that remote home worker.

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Featured Service

Voicemail to Email

When you have a feature like this that has been around for years, you may forget how useful it is – especially now with the record numbers of people moving to a home office.

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