APMAX Voice Connection – January 2019

Local Number Spoofers Stopped at Indiana Phone Company

While the FCC is cranking up the heat on finding a solution to stop phone scammers, see how one company put a stop to them in two days!

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Only Three Spots Left!

If you need a jump-start on layering APMAX services on your Hosted PBX platform, the APMAX Advanced Training class is right up your alley.

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APMAX Tech Tip

The Centrex Administration service now has an enhancement that more control businesses who want more management control over your Hosted PBX solution.

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Marketing Minute

If you want your brand to be the first one a customer thinks about when it comes to communication services, this month’s Marketing Minute is for you.

Marketing Minute, January 2019.

Featured Service

Balance and Payment Service

This service allows eLation OSS billing customers to use the APMAX for an IVR service that lets customers automatically access accounted and payment information.

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