5th Annual Broadband and Video Report Results are in

At the time of this post we have just completed the yearly broadband and video usage report. What makes this report truly unique is the exclusive focus on the rural marketplace, and the five years of comparative data. Once again Cronin Communications has been commissioned by Innovative Systems to conduct this project and this year you will see a number of surprises in both the broadband, and video behaviors of your rural customers.

As of this post we have not yet completed the final formatting for dissemination to service providers, but here are a few tidbits to wet your appetite for this highly popular study.

  • Only 13% of Rural Homes have a Managed Wi-Fi Service
  • DVR penetration was up 10% in 2020
  • 25% are highly interested in purchasing a Managed Wi-Fi Service
  • Streaming-only Homes increased to 25%

Next month we will have more details on the results and make available free copies to all of our customers and potential customers. You are also invited to attend the free NTCA hosted webinar on the report coming up April 16th at 1:00 p.m. Central Time. Here is the registration link for the webinar.