Three River Communications Upgrading Their Cable System

Three River Communications is investing in an extensive fiber optics upgrade which includes the Innovative Systems video solution for their northeastern Nebraska cooperative members. The company wants to continue to offer locally supported value-added services their customers desire over the upgraded network. Three River General Manager, Steven Dorf, says the investment in video is all about demographics, citing how their customers want to press a button on their remote control and have instant access to news, entertainment, and sports programming. Dorf also understands how rural Nebraskans have limited over the air options for network broadcast stations, and for the management team and their board of directors, getting out of the video business was not an option.

Why Innovative Systems for the Upgrade?

Being a smaller company, each employee has to wear many hats and the ability to have a video solution that is tightly integrated with the billing system and the voice services at Three River is a huge advantage. Dorf says his employees appreciate how they can make one call and receive support for multiple services.

This video upgrade will not only benefit the Three River customers in their cooperative territory, but also the citizens who live in the communities of Ainsworth and O’Neill. Dorf says the cable systems in those two communities are well past their prime and the ability to bring a new experience that includes, Restart TV, Cloud DVR, and a new, more intuitive program guide will demonstrate the Three River commitment to those communities. Dorf adds that the video upgrade will ultimately reduce their operational and capital expenses with less expensive Set Top Boxes and fewer service calls because of Cloud DVR.