STBs Will Be Around For Awhile

In the perfect world of providing video service, everyone would bring their own device and connect to your video without a service call. That perfect world is still out there, way out there. We added a new question in our Fourth Annual Rural Video and Broadband study regarding the number of Set Top Boxes in the homes of rural consumers. With over 400 homes surveyed that subscribe to video and have STBs, 57% of those surveyed had one to two STBs, while 28% have three or more. 


Turn More Revenue With Those Boxes 

Many video providers are now offering Cloud DVR which should be supported by your middleware.  This can turn a standard STB into a profit center for cDVR without a service call, as most consumers are conditioned for an up charge to have DVR service.  A free 30 day trial to customers is easy to deploy, as the service can be activated from the office, and there is a good chance that some will keep it after the trial.

Service providers are eligible for a free copy of the 40 page report, please email your contact information with a mailing address.