Small Operator Makes Big Gains in Hosted Voice

As a kid you may have heard about the “Little Engine That Could”, which was a 1930’s story used to teach children the value of hard work and having a positive attitude. This story is a good analogy to what is occurring in western Texas with Wes-Tex Telephone Cooperative, and their deployment of hosted voice services.

Wes-Tex General Manager Darren Patrick, says that the original intent for launching hosted PBX was to have a replacement solution for the aging Key systems in their small business community. While that has worked with deployments in government offices , schools, and small businesses, the upswing in the oil industry gave them additional opportunities.

With close to 500 seats of hosted voice deployed on their softswitch, one would think Wes-Tex is a larger rural provider, but their access line count is only in the neighborhood of about 3,000. Patrick says a key for them has been having an employee that serves as a sales rep, and a sales engineer. This dual role employee makes it feasible for a small company like Wes-Tex to invest in APMAX  enhanced voice services, including SIP ACS.

When asked about the practicality of a small provider hiring someone to specifically sell hosted services, Patrick says looking to someone in-house, with the right skills to grow the hosted business, would make better sense than hiring a new person.