North Carolina Telco Launches New Video Business

video exchange

One North Carolina Telecom took their struggle to find content for their local video channel and turned it into a new e-commerce business venture called “”. Based in Jefferson North Carolina, SkyBest Communications has launched a new online business for disseminating video content which benefits companies looking to buy right to use video and also for producers looking to generate revenue for their video productions.

Videos are available for a 1 year right to use and include B Roll, short form and long form videos. According to SkyBests Executive Director of Customer Operations Kim Shepherd, there are numerous categories of videos including Arts and Culture, Food and Drink, Entertainment, Travel and many more. Shepherd adds that what you see today will likely include more content the next time you check it out. Content is coming from many different sources including independent producers and also other telecoms across the country.

Membership to the Video Exchange is free and subscribers only pay for the videos that they purchase and the pricing of each video is set by the producer of the video. SkyBest’s business model for this venture is to give most of the revenue back to the producer with a 15% commission to cover their costs of website maintenance and tradeshow advertising.

This is truly going to be a successful venture if individuals continue to contribute their content to the Video Exchange, so if you have video content that you would like offer or if you are looking for content to fill your local channel lineup check out the