New Guide Data Solution for Innovative Systems Video Providers

In an effort to provide tighter integration with fewer vendors and lower costs, Innovative Systems is now offering an Enhanced Guide Data Solution for its customers.

According to Innovative Systems VP of Video Operations Jerry Weber, “Our goal is continue streamlining the video process and adding Guide Data to our Multi Generation TV concept just makes it easier to offer linear video and live streaming from a single vendor using our InnoStream™ solution.”

PAC in Georgia Gives the New Service Rave Reviews

Pembroke Advanced Communications in Pembroke GA was one of the first to turn up the new Guide Data and Video Headend Specialist John Hoskins had this to say,“Guide Data from Innovative is a gimmie compared to third party solutions. Their support team did all the work including matching up data for local broadcast stations, our custom channels, and all content series rules.”

Hoskins said he highly recommends this solution for providers who are using the Innovative solution.

Future enhancements are coming over the next year to improve the customer experience including Actor Information and more….

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