MG-TV Rollout Reveals Interesting Response

As part of a municipal communications acquisition, Citynet LLC in Bridgeport West Virginia needed to have a video offering and chose the Innovative Systems Multi-Generation Video Solution.

Citynet staff expected that the HLS streaming component of MG-TV was going to be the service of choice for their West Virginia customers, but found just the opposite, with the traditional linear IPTV outperforming by a wide margin. According to Network Administrator Justin Hayhurst, the single vendor concept for Streaming and IPTV provided by Innovative Systems  makes their job much easier.

Live Working System in Days instead of Months

Hayhurst said from the time they received the InnoStream™ system they had video up and running in less than a week. This quick turn-up time confirmed Citynet’s decision to choose Innovative with Hayhurst adding, “Out of everything that we demoed, the fit and finish of this product was far above the rest.”

With some of the nation’s top cable competitors in their market, Hayhurst feels that their GiG internet bundled with a quality video product makes them very competitive. Hayhurst cites Restart TV as a popular customer feature with Network DVR and Virtual Remote™ offering efficient, economical tools to better support their customers.