LYNXX Networks Upgrades Video Solution to MG-TV

LYNXX Networks, a 102 year old communications company in South Central Wisconsin has upgraded their video service with Innovative Systems MG-TV. With an aging video systems in place, General Manager Jim Costello stated that they needed to provide customers more advanced time shifted viewing options like What’s Hot and Restart TV.

Like most video providers, LYNXX is challenged with the cost of content and the uncertainty of how customers are going to consume video in the future.Costello says shedding video from their suite of communications services is not an option. He adds that if you are in a competitive situation, video is a must-have service, as consumers still gravitate towards providers who offer bundled communication services. One key, according to Costello, is to have a video service that gives consumers the ability to watch content on their own terms, and Innovative’s features fit nicely with that need.

MG-TV is the Future of Video

Costello is particularly enthused about the Multi-Generation TV concept that Innovative Systems brings to the table. The ability to serve HLS live streaming and traditional linear video off the same platform, with customers using the same mobile app, really simplifies video delivery. Costello agrees that consumer lifestyles and demographics play a big part in the consumers choice of traditional linear or app based streaming. The ability to provision both from the same subscriber management system is an efficiency that can help to reduce video support and troubleshooting costs.