Jaguar Communications Excited About Video Upgrade

To bolster their fiber network, and position themselves as a true player in a competitive communications market, the leadership at Jaguar Communications selected Innovative Systems as their new video middleware vendor. According to Marketing Director Jake Ward, choosing Innovative’s Multi- Generation TV solution more than levels the playing field for this South Central Minnesota video provider. Jaguar’s video product was always the tag along product to their fast, reliable broadband, creating a challenge for them when competing with some pretty heavy hitters in the bundled communications space.

Jaguar’s  bread and butter over the years has been rural and sub-rural markets, so for them having a nimble video solution that can deliver both traditional video now, and app-based video down the road is the right fit for their company.

Founded in 1999 by a group of private individuals, Jaguar has really focused on hiring like-minded personnel that strive for giving customers the best technology available.  The other objective that drives Jaguar is to continually look for expansion opportunities. Along with this growth mission comes the likelihood of competition, and this is what motivates the company to offer services that will meet or exceed that of their competitors.

Since their conversion to the new video experience, existing customers have confessed that they were going to drop Jaguar service had it not been for the upgrade.

Ward also commented how the video upgrade served as an energizer for the CSRs and sales team with features like Restart TV and the Weather and What’s Hot Apps.

Transparency Was Key in Conversion

Ward said during the transition process, they converted close to eight thousand customers in about three months time, and they didn’t lose one customer.  When asked how they were so successful with a fairly aggressive roll-out, the Jaguar team said their letter to customers and the website were key components. The tone of the communications really struck home, telling customers that the legacy video experience was no longer acceptable and that they were getting something new that they would really enjoy using.