Iowa Telecom Wins APMAX Innovative Award

Elk Horn,IA

In a nationally broadcast webinar that had over 170 registrants, Marne Elkhorn Telephone Company was chosen by their peers as the winner of the APMAX Innovation Award. METC’s use of APMAX Unified Messaging Auto Attendant received the most votes and will be awarding a $2000 technology gift card from Best Buy to the city of Kimballton Iowa. This small community of around 300 is the center of the project that won the APMAX award and they will determine how they are going to use the technology gift to benefit their residents.


METC’s APMAX Innovation

METC is using the APMAX Unified Messaging Voicemail feature used for the Kimballton City Park’s Little Mermaid Sculpture Garden which is part of a larger tourist attraction called the Danish Villages of Kimballton and Elk Horn Iowa. Tens of thousands visit the villages located just off of I-80 in Western Iowa. Little Mermaid is part of a group of sculptures that has been in the park for a number of years—with an outdoor speaker that played a condensed reading of the Hans Christian Andersen fairytale. With the prospect of purchasing a costly new speaker system was costly and could detract from the quiet park setting METC came up with the idea of allowing people to use their wireless devices to call a number as seen above so that they could hear the narrated story associated with each individual sculpture.

How They Did It

METC’s GM, Janell Hansen credits staffers Jill Madsen and James Bieker with the idea of using APMAX to create an interactive tourist attraction that tourists could listen to in private without disrupting other tourists experience. Visitors dial the local number and press the number of the sculpture they want to hear about (as seen above) so they can hear a reading of the condensed fairytale. By setting Allow recording to “No” METC has created an Auto Attendant Package Mailbox that is set for “Announce Only” on each of the individual sculpture stories. Each individual story or in APMAX speak, “Greeting’ is then uploaded into each mailbox. Additionally the APMAX Report Viewer will give call counts for each statue. Congratulations to METC for taking advantage of their technology tools to benefit thousands of tourists every year!

About METC

In business for over 100 years, METC serves Iowa customers in the communities of Elk Horn, Kimballton, Brayton, Marne and Exira with Internet, phone, cable television and wireless services. Visit their website at

About Innovative Systems

Innovative Systems offers the APMAX IMS Application Server, the only platform in the industry that delivers enhanced voice services and IPTV video solutions, as well as eLation, a fully integrated OSS solution which includes billing, financials, and staking and mapping applications. With over 1,200 systems in service throughout North America, Innovative Systems is one of the leading suppliers of telecommunications hardware and software for the Independent Telco Market.