Innovative’s New Set Top Box Can Automatically Change Inputs

Customers frequently share feature requests and one of the most common is,“If you could just fix the wrong input problem, it would help us tremendously.”  A new solution exclusively available with Innovative Systems IPTV Middleware  is on the IS-5112W IPTV Set Top Box.  This will realistically reduce wrong input calls and truck-rolls by at least 50%.

What Is CEC?

The problem that has plagued video support staff for years is getting some relief using CEC technology. As it relates to the IPTV STB world, CEC (Consumer Electronics Control) using HDMI connections allows for enabled devices such as STBs to be controlled without an interaction with a subscriber in their home. The basic operation, in the case of the IS-5112W, is when you have a video customer who for one reason or another gets on the wrong input, and they don’t know how to get it back to the STB input. Anytime the Guide, Menu, or Info remote control buttons are pressed with a IS-5112W STB, it sends a CEC command to the TV to set its active input to the STB HDMI input. If the TV happens to be on a different input, it will switch back to the STB. This is not a guaranteed fix for every input issue as the CEC functionality varies between TVs. Some support it by default. For some you have to turn it on (and each manufacturer has their own name for CEC), and it’s not supported on all TVs.

Major Reduction in Support Costs

The implications of this functionality will affect several areas of operation for video service providers. If you talk to any support supervisor, you will find very few who don’t say that wrong input issues are at the top of the support call list. Rural providers are repeatedly sending technicians on distant service calls just to change an input. Many times the customer doesn’t know that this is the problem; they just know their TV isn’t working and want it fixed. Automatically fixing a majority support issue will free up personnel to address more serious troubles.

Please contact your Sales Director if you would like to learn more about this  feature and the new IS Set Top Box, or click here to request additional information.