Innovative Systems Hires Industry Veteran

Innovative Systems has announced the hiring of Brian Weis as the new Director of Customer Success for the company’s eLation™ OSS/BSS product line.  Brian brings over 18 years of Telecommunications Management experience, covering areas in Operations, Engineering, and Sales.

Most recently he has been working with the rural telecommunications industry, helping companies drive revenue increases, reduce operational expenses, and create a culture of change within organizations.  Weis looks forward to using his experience to assist customers in maximizing the tools in their eLation™ suite of software products. Weis says this position is a great fit for his skillset, and he looks forward to getting out and meeting with eLation™ customers to assess how they might be able to fully utilize their OSS/BSS solution.  He adds, “If I can show our customers an eLation™ feature that they haven’t fully deployed which will increase their efficiency and reduce the reliance on other vendors, I would count that as a great day.”

Brian has an Engineering degree from The Ohio State University and served 8 years in the United States Marine Corps Reserves. Brian enjoys spending any free time he has with his two daughters.

Brian can be reached at 605-990-7114 or by e-mail: