Georgia Video Company Moving to IPTV

Darien Communications Company in Darien Georgia is moving to IPTV subscription video with the Innovative Systems MG-TV solution. According to Chuck Durant, Darien’s CO Manager, the majority of their 2,500 video customers fit a demographic make-up that are not yet ready for app based OTT video products. Durant also stated that their outdated cable plant was not keeping up with the video features offered by their competitors in this community of 10,000 located in southeast Georgia.

Dropping Video Not an Option

Durant says the Darien management team did discuss dropping video, but concluded that loyalty to a company is not a good argument against competitors  who have a bundle of communication and video services.

After being in the cable space for many years, Durant has found Innovative’s video conversion plan to be efficient and resourceful. Durant says a compelling reason for choosing Innovative Systems as a video vendor is their understanding and commitment to the rural communications market.