Georgia Telecom Chooses APMAX IPTV Middleware


Pembroke, GA – A longtime player in the IPTV space, Pembroke Advanced Communications has deployed the APMAX Middleware as their fourth solution since entering the IPTV space in 2001. According to PAC’s Network Administrator John Hoskins the APMAX IPTV Middleware solution was by far easier than their three previous middlewares to install and also to deploy. Hoskins says as far as installation, “After we racked the APMAX, powered it up and logged into support we had video up and running in our office the same day; about a three hour process.”

Fast Track Deployment

PAC was able to deploy the new solution to employees and friendlies within a week. Following that they brought up a couple of nodes and having no issues went ahead and cut over the rest of their subscribers in one week’s time. According to Hoskins the customer experience was significantly improved especially with the whole home DVR functionality.

Operational Integration

PAC also utilizes the eLation OSS billing solution from Innovative Systems and Hoskins says the ability to auto provision saves them from having to provision IPTV as a service order by hand. Hoskins states that the APMAX/eLation integration has already freed up manpower to service troubles instead of having to close service orders.

About Pembroke Advanced Communications

Founded in 1905 and owned continuously since 1946 by members of the Beardslee family, Pembroke Advanced Communications offers high-speed broadband Internet access, HD and SD digital television services along with cellular and landline telephone technologies. PAC also offers network and computer support services for business and residential applications. PAC is also the only area advanced communications company that maintains locally based customer service and technical support.

About Innovative Systems

Innovative Systems offers the APMAX IMS Application Server, the only platform in the industry that delivers enhanced voice services and IPTV video solutions, as well as eLation, a fully integrated OSS solution which includes billing, financials, and staking and mapping applications. With over 1,200 systems in service throughout North America, Innovative Systems is one of the leading suppliers of telecommunications hardware and software for the Independent Communications Market.